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2020/04/14 (Pre)





Waste to Energy & Biogas Biomass Energy Asia Summit 2019





Government Policy and WtE Tech

MSW to Energy technology, Power Plant

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Exhibition Booth Setting Up 

Business Luncheon

Business Luncheon



 Registration onsite

Waste to Energy Project Update

Biogas Biomass Energy 

Site Tour 2 (TBA)


Main Topics
  •  International Developing Trends and  Market Changes in Asia
     Municipal Initiatives Towards Handling Waste Disposal Volumes

     Initiatives Towards Material Recovery,Waste Sorting & Recycling

     New Urbanization Plans in Big Cities: Opportunities for the Waste Management Industry.

     Solid Waste Management in Philippines:Tendering & Contracts Considerations

     Municipal & Toxic Industrial Waste Management in Indonesia Sustainable Implementations in the Supply
      MSW & Biogas Power Generation Practice and Lessons Learned in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
      Explore and evaluate all the options for financing a successful Bio-energy facility to get your project moving fast
      Build effective partnerships across the supply chain to secure the feedstock and off-take agreements that will make your project a financial success
      Talk to the municipalities, dairies, food & beverage companies and waste water companies that want to drive AD forward; find out what they want so you can deliver a project that meets their expectations

Who Should Attend


Government Officials
Farm Companies(hog and poultry,sugar mills, rice and coconuts)

Municipal Solid Waste Authorities

Energy Efficiency Consultants

Environmental Technology Companies

Research Institutes & Universities

Landfill Operators

Recycling Plants Operators

Waste Management and Disposal Companies

Industrial Estates Developers

Waste to Energy Operators

Waste to Resources Operators

Project Analysts

Biotechnology Researchers/ Advisers & Consultants


    Site Visit to Can Tho Waste-to-Energy Project

    Can Tho Waste to Energy Plant

    The Can Tho Waste-to-Energy Project, exclusively invested by China Everbright International Limited through foreign investment, is the first advanced Waste-to-Energy project which is successfully in operation in Vietnam.

    The site of this project covers an area of 5.3 ha and has a 20-year operation period. All of the buildings in the plant are well-designed and neatly arranged. With all of those modern architectures and a beautiful environment, the plant is known as “garden-type factory”.

    The plant was equipped a mechanical grate stoker type incinerator which can process up to 400 tons of waste per day. This particular incinerator was developed independently by China Everbright International Limited.

    A turbine generator with a capacity of 7.5MW can provide about 60,000,000 Kwh of electricity each year.

    The flue gas purification system has 4 different systems including deacidification system (dry and semi-dry),SNCR denitration system, activated carbon adsorption system and the bag filter system. Flue gas emission standard meets the EU2010 standards.

    The project construction work was started on June 30, 2017 and was put into service on November 26, 2018.

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